Hard Work, Inspiring People and Career Direction

By Amitra Brown

Amitra Brown

My time at Quaker Ridge Golf Club and working at tennis with J.P. was a really good opportunity because I got to see how amazing the sport of tennis is and how it’s played. The staff at the Club and at tennis are terrific and they really made me feel comfortable – which is something to note because giving comfort to someone who was new and didn’t really know much about tennis, gave me more confidence. 

While my first days working at tennis were great, it did take time to catch up on the tasks and duties to be done. With the dedication and support of the staff, I was able to do tasks correctly and efficiently. Momentum Wednesdays were also great opportunities to be productive and to meet so many wonderful Members as guest speakers. Their advice, and stories they tell, are so inspiring and influential. What’s really amazing is that our guest speakers are willing to reach out a hand to help me and the other Fellows whenever we need connections to further build and support our future careers.

My interest in health science actually began when I first interned at the club in the summer of 2022 because I heard Dr. Moskowitz speak about his career as a Physician and studying medicine. He just really inspired me to help others and to study the art of medicine as well as the science of medicine, so that I could understand the profession from both perspectives. Even though I might not be here for my third year, I really hope that this Program continues and lives long because it is amazing for me and the other New Rochelle High School students. It is a great start in life to experience working at Quaker Ridge and making good connections with the amazing Members of the Club.

I am moving on to the next stage of my life, which is going to Mercy College this fall. Working with J.P. and the tennis staff, being around the Club, seeing how organized everything is, and just learning about the Members and about the careers and lives of our guest speakers, has been very inspiring. I have realized, even more, how important a work ethic is for successful people, along with making connections.  I never really understood the connections part, before. Both are very crucial especially as I am becoming a young adult and pursuing my healthcare studies and career. 

Lastly, I want to say thank you to the entire Quaker Ridge Golf Club, overall, for giving me and the other interns/Fellows the opportunity to work in tennis, golf, in the kitchen, maintenance, and the general manager’s office. I also want to thank the entire staff because they made sure all of us, as the interns, were comfortable. And, I hope, too that the project-based learning continues. The non-profit and research projects were just amazing; and, they show that with the mindset that I and the other Fellows have, we can change the world as the newest generation.