View From the General Manager’s Office

By Samantha Benjamin

Samantha Benjamin working in office

I spent my fellowship working with General Manager Bob Musich. This was a new role in the Momentum program, and I was lucky to have it.

I had the pleasure of exploring all aspects of the club and met a multitude of people who took the time to get to know me.

My day began around 10am. Each day was different, some relatively calm and others quite hectic. For example, it started to rain one day during lunch service. When members hurried in from the golf course, we had a big rush in the clubhouse. I helped out any way I could, asking the members if they needed anything.

Every morning, Bob would tell me what was in store for the day. Our schedule included a variety of things, from Zoom calls to meetings with members who were planning events to busy lunch services.

Around 10:15, Bob and I would walk around the club to visit the kitchen, dining area, 10th tee and pool area. While making the rounds, we would tell everyone what was in store for the rest of the day.

After completing my morning tasks from Bob, I would organize files on the computer until 11:00am, when I would head downstairs to the kitchen for lunch with Nyah, one of the other fellows.

After lunch, I would help out in the dining room for the member lunch service. I greeted members, handed out menus and even served food and drinks. After lunch, I helped clean up.

Sometimes, the managers, front-of-the-house managers and chefs would all meet to review the events happening in the upcoming weeks. During these meetings, we would go over menus, table arrangements and guest lists. These meetings showed me how important it is to plan ahead. Preparation is essential and details matter, whether they are big or small.

I also learned the importance of communicating effectively to prevent mistakes or confusion.

All in all, my experience at Quaker Ridge was amazing!

Samantha interned with General Manager Bob Musich.